CoinTarget, the solution to generate crypto for free and in a retro fun atmosphere



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Generate free Coins in the "Earn cointarget" tab and invest them in a fully managed and profitable cloud-mining to increase your wallet.

You have the possibility to buy CoinTarget directly in the shop in order to quickly benefit from the performance of these contracts adapted to all budgets

How does it work?

CoinTarget is full of solutions to invest, earn free crypto-coins, or just have fun.

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Receive coins in many ways


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Invest or buy with your earned coins

Earn Crypto for Free

Earn Crypto for Free

In the "earn cointarget" section you have the possibility to generate cointarget for free in many different ways, paid surveys, browser mining, games, etc...
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Earn Exponentially

Earn Exponentially

In the "buy cointarget" section you have the possibility to buy CT directly as an investment product, and to subscribe to a cloud mining contract..
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Buy Products

Use Cointarget

in the "use cointarget" / "shop" section you can use your CT to buy hardware products, asic miner, etc... or decide to resell them for BTC.
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In the "my account" section find the information of your wallet, a social chat, the possibility to make a transfer to a friend, or to refer someone to win CT.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to your questions.

CoinTarget is a new concept that allows you to earn Coins for free, with the possibility of subscribing to cloud-minig contracts or buying real objects.

Yes, totally, we do what is necessary every day to ensure that your wallets are totally secure from any external attacks or scams.

The decision is yours. You can either generate some for free in the “earn cointarget” section or you can buy some directly as an investment product, in order to make your wallet grow.

CoinTarget is a token indexed to the “Waves” currency. You can consult the token price on the “Waves” exchange platform.

Yes ! we are already working on the development of new services such as a poker game, dice etc… If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us in the contact form.

It depends on your activity on the site and the amount you want to invest. You can generate Coins for free, but also much more if you decide to invest.

The advantage of browser mining is that it can run in the background of all your usual tasks on your computer. Indeed, browser mining is blocked at 20% of your processor’s performance. This will allow you not to feel the mining. Browser mining is therefore profitable over the time.

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