CPU Mining

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Brave browser uses technology to reduce silent mining in the background. To mine at optimal speed, make sure you mine in the active tab or in a window by itself. Press CTRL + N to bring the miner window into its own window if you wish to browse while it is in the background. Attention you need “redem” to get your mining reward, several mining methods are at your disposal, it is up to you to find the right solution in order to make all this profitable 😉

“If not satisfied with mining spool up time or reward rates, please use legacy monetization system through our Wannads Offer Wall to earn points through surveys and phone app installs”

Earn credit with your CPU for play or change your credit on your transfert zone.
Info Mining
Actually You can’t changed the number of threads (as soon possible)
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It’s possible to lock up your computer with two browsers open at 10 




Rank Display Name Coin Power Reward
1 EuReKaLoS 519,590
2 vygantas 400,795
3 maruf 226,116
4 lidea 215,331
5 rubanm 111,343
6 correosdelbosque 75,031
7 Flobile 45,680
8 boanerges427 45,279
9 reqzx 39,204
10 onehugemidget 36,228
11 adieccc 34,867
12 paniz5676 34,467
13 McKraccinz 28,917
14 Tukan 25,067
15 thanhgtr09 20,930
Rank Display Name Coin Power Reward
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